Frequently asked questions

As is often the case in life a new discovery may appear mistifying. Vinyl Wrapping is no different, so here we've provided answers to some of the most common questions.
  1. What can be wrapped?
    if it has a smooth, non porous surface it is probably possible to wrap it.
  2. How long will it last, can it be removed?
    Most quality wraps will have a minimum life of 5+ years but will routinely last far longer. 10+ years with routine maintenance, however wraps can be removed at any time if required. (by wrap applicator highly recommended).
  3. Can I put my car through an automatic car wash?
    Automatic car washes can use very harsh chemical soaps which are not recommended for wrapped cars. However this author would not recommend them for any car
  4. Is wrap a substitute for paint?
    No! Wrap is a different process and needs to be thought of as such. However like paintwork the final result will only be as good as the preparation of the substrate surface. sound surface good long lasting wrap. poor surface, wrap will fail so don't wrap!
  5. Do I need to polish my wrapped car?
    There are polishes available for wrapped cars but it does depend on the vinyl finish.Gloss wraps can benefit from being polished.
  6. Can wrap withstand harsh marine enviroment?
    Yes, a well applied wrap can last as long as a paint job.
  7. Will vinyl prevent scratches to my paintwork?
    Absolutely! Vinyl will protect your original paintwork. Damaged vinyl is an easy fix. Remove and replace as required.
  8. Will it fade in the sun?
    Quality vinyl will tend to fade less than paint when exposed to sunlight.
No questions are daft questions so if you have any concers, just ask!
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